08 November 2016

LPG non self-propelled barges for sale 

Built: 1992-1996, Italy
Dimensions: LOA: 78 m, Beam: 11.6 m, Length: 76.5 m, Depth: 4.2 m, Draft: 1.85 m
Tonnage: GT: 1525 t, NT: 1440 t
Class: RINA (expired)
Trade area: Inland waterways
Capacity: Volume: 2050 cbm, temperature range: 10ะก/+40C, max operating pressure: 12.8 bar
For transportation of products max density 0.54 as propane, butane, propane-butane. Equipped with cargo console with all instrumentation, remote control, alarms etc.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0359

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