07 October 2015

Ballastable pontoon barge for project cargoes in long time charter

Built: 1980, France
Dimensions: LOA: 90.5 m, Beam: 16.5 m, Length: 90 m, Depth: 5.3 m, Draft: 2.5 m
Class: Shipping register of Ukraine
Trade area: Unrestricrted
Gen set: 1* Diesel power plant
Capacity: 2300 t, free deck area: 1320 sqm, max deck strength: 15 t/sqm
Other: Water ballast pump capacity: 320 cbm/h
Remarks: Heavy-lift and large dimensions cargo deck barge with accomodation for 2 crew. Located on Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0317
Price: Daily rate on your request
Contacts: chartering@cemastco.com

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