04 May 2015

Pontoon twin-tower self-contained floating dock 30.000 tons for sale

Built: 1972, Croatia
Dimensions: LOA: 226 m, Beam: 45 m, Length: 202 m, Depth: 18 m, Draft: 16 m
Tonnage: GT: 19800 t, DWT: 8225 t, NT: 14900 t,
Class: SRU till 2017
Bunkers: 115 t
Capacity: 30.000 tons
Quarters: 37
Cabins: 20
Endurance: The dock incorporates fuel, lube oil and water tanks of sufficient capacities for storing main supplies of the dock required for self-contained operation of the dock during 10 days under the most unfavourable weather conditions.

General: The dock has its own electric power plant steam boilers, instrument air compressors, a.c. and d.c. welding equipment, acetylene and oxygen pipelines, arrangement for docking ships, movable scaffolds, two 15 t capacity portal cranes and lifts. Steel hull of the dock consists of two towers and six pontoons. The towers and pontoons are joined with rivets to make it possible to self-dock three pontoons at a time. 37 crew of the dock (3 singles and 17 twin cabins).

Dock is working, in good working condition.
Inspection on Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0265
Price reduced: 9 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

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