20 February 2015

5x river hopper barges 1467 t dwt for sale

Built: 1975, Romania
Dimensions: LOA: 72 m, Beam: 11.5 m, Depth: 0.2 m, Draft: 2.5 m
Tonnage: DWT: 1467 t,
Class: Inland navigation
Capacity: DWT: 1467 t, vol. 1760 cbm (after upgrading 2110 cbm)
Other:  Barges are sold together with the river pusher 2000 hp, posted on our website at the following link:

5x river hopper barges without hatches. We have a programm of upgrading of the barges (installment of roll steel hatches, increasing the height of coamings, increasing the volume of the barges) on our keen yard.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0249
(more photos by click)
Price: 160.000 EUR as is per barge on Danube river.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

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