09 July 2014


-    TBN 001:  
DWT: 3200 t on 3.72 m draft.
Built in 1987. Holland
L: 110 m, B: 11.4 m, EMPTY HEIGHT: 6.4 m
Class: BV ADNR N-closed untill 07-2014;
ME: DEUTZ 1500 hp at 1000 rpm;
Capacity: 12x cargo tanks, vol: 4320 cbm with cargo heating coils;
Boiler capacity: 2.5 mln kkal
2x new pumps: 450 cbm/h each (900 cbm/h total) hydraulic, driven by motor 500 hp.
Gen set: 1x 270 kVa, 1x 100 kVa, 1x 60 kVa;
Bowthruster ELKA JET, lifting wheelhouse, all automatic operated by one man;
Radar, autopilot, bunkermast.
Accomodation: Kitchen, 2x rooms for Capitans + 4-5 bedrooms for crew


 -TBN 007:
DWT: 2920 t on 3.4 m draft.
Built in 1973
L: 110 m, B: 11.25 m, EMPTY HEIGHT: 6.5 m
Class: GL N-closed until 01-2019
ME: 2x MAK 900 hp at 375 rpm (TOTAL 1800 HP)
Capacity: 14x cargo tanks, vol: 3343 cbm;
Tanks coated with DIMECOAT 4
2x cargo pumps: 365 cbm/h each (700 cbm/h total), driven by 2x GM 175 hp each;
Gen set: 1x 27 kVa, 1x 35 kVa, 1x 42 kVa
Bowthruster ELKA JET 200 hp
Lifting wheelhouse, all automatic operated by one man;
Sides thickness ~ 10 mm;
Radar, autopilot
The owner spend more than 800.000 EUR for new wheelhouse, new accommodation, new propeller shaft, main engines overhauled, new turbine system etc.
Everything is in really well equipped and in good condition.

Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

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